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Winner! Equity-backed Entrepreneur Of The Year 2023 #GBEA

Equity-Backed Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 Winner! This Is Huge!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

Coined ''The Grammy's of the Entrepreneurship'' by Steven Bartlett, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards & Community are considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the United Kingdom, with the winners meeting the British Prime Minister at No 10 Downing Street.

#GBEA considered 5000 companies and it is a great honour to be nominated to the 5 finalists, but to win alongside so many accomplished entrepreneurs is an outstanding achievement. I am extremely proud to see Emma Bowe (our co-founder) winning this award, as I know how much hard work, tears & sweat went into this achievement.

According to Morningstar, only 2% of women-founded businesses in the U.S receive #venturecapital funding, while in Europe this number drops to 0.9%. With mixed founders like SHOCKEN Foods, the number in Europe sits at 12.2%.

This means that even after adding a man to the team & having the odds increase 13x, the win-lose ratio is roughly 10/90 against you. For every 10 mixed-gender founded businesses applying for #vcfunding only 1 is successful.

We are grateful to have support from Big Idea Ventures, this is also your award for being our equity partner. BIV champions women in business and has an amazing female-led global management team. Henrietta Hearth (VP, Global Acceleration) has been instrumental in our growth, Marion Bazille (Paris Program Director) supported us from the beginning, ever generous with key industry introductions. New York & Singapore are also lucky to be run by experienced & tenacious women Caroline Mak (NY) & Karin del Rey (SG).

Also, a huge thank you to Francesca James, who founded an indispensable support network for British businesses between Great British Entrepreneur Awards & Community, Ideas Fest, UK Fast Growth 50 Index & many more. The #GBEA awards gala with 1500 attendees in London's Mayfair was truly impressive & inspiring. Congratulations to you & your team.



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